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Laboratory Mission.

Prevent Digital-lab, basing on more than 20 years of experience in PCBs manufacturing and assembling, offers a full service combining a wide range of analytical techniques by operating according to IPC, ASTM, IEC and ISO standards.

Prevent Digital-lab is equipped with high technology instruments and relies on qualified human resources; in cooperation with Universities and external institutes of research, it provides a specialized and fast service at interesting prices.

It is strategically located just five minutes from Malpensa airport.

Prevent Digital-lab philosophy is based on a strong partnership with customers as we think that working and growing together is the best way to challenge the future.

Laboratory Services.

The analyses offered concern bare and assembled printed circuit boards: PCB lay-up and thermal stress, dielectric materials characterization, solder joints acceptability, organic and inorganic contaminations, Cleanliness, thermal simulations, ageing test for reliability issues.

The Laboratory also provides product/process complete qualification plans combining Cross-section, X-Ray Inspection, Pull & Shear tests, climatic chambers ageing, optical and scanning electron microscopy.

More than a Laboratory.

Moreover Prevent Digital-lab is partner of PreventPCB a PCB supplier company which deals with Italian, European and International markets.

In this context the laboratory R&D Dept. supports PreventPCB customers to project NPI and special products, playing an active role by analyzing materials, looking for the best solution to minimize noise, dimensions and to dissipate heating.

Thanks to this role it is constantly updated in market innovations and new technologies.

So if a customer needs to develop a special project, Prevent Digital-lab can manage a complete service assistance in design, materials, processes and testing expertise.